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3 Bass Catching Techniques with Santone Lure's S3 Swimbait Head

By Brad Wiegmann April 14, 2014

If you can swim, stroke, or shake a lure it’s almost a guarantee you can catch a bass. These three different techniques allow an angler to present soft plastic lures where bass live and feed. It’s just a matter of figuring out which technique to use and when.

Lake Tawakoni: Proven World Class Catfish Reservoir

By Brad Wiegmann March 31, 2014

Few anglers probably have ever heard of Lake Tawakoni except for some serious tournament catfish anglers. Of course that all changed last spring when word spread over the internet about a catfish tournament where three teams brought in five fish limits of over 200 pounds. The huge weights didn’t surprise catfish fishing guides Michael and Teri Littlejohn through because they had been putting clients on big catfish for years on Lake Tawakoni.

Spinning For Trout

By Brad Wiegmann March 31, 2014

Fly fishing for trout is greatly overrated. Sure the complexity and art of casting maybe intriguing to a few, but should trout fishing really be so challenging? That’s probably why so many anglers use spinning tackle instead when fishing for trout.

Advanced Swim Jig Tips

By Brad Wiegmann March 31, 2014

Swim jigs have a reputation for catching big bass out of heavy cover. There is no telling how many tournaments have been won or giant bass caught on a swim jig. Of all the swim jigs built, Santone Lures’ has a reputation for having the best designed and constructed.

Catch More Fish without Tangles

By Brad Wiegmann March 20, 2014

It doesn’t matter if you are in a $65,000 fiberglass bass boat, floating down the river in a kayak or kicking back and fishing from shore. Fishing is supposed to be fun. Not spent picking out a bird’s nest or loops instead of casting and catching fish.

How to catch Grand Lake White Bass and Crappie

By Brad Wiegmann March 20, 2014

Recently there has been an increase in the number of anglers fishing for white bass and crappie. It’s probably due to the fact that white bass and crappie are fun to catch and anyone with a boat or even on shore can fish for them. Anglers also like the fact there are normally liberal limits allowing the angler to take some home to eat.

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