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Smaller is Better in Personal Flotation Devices

By Brad Wiegmann July 28, 2017

We have all done it, but we shouldn’t. That’s right.  We used an adult or too big of Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on a youth or child. 

Kayak Fishing Retention Ponds

By Brad Wiegmann October 07, 2016

Some areas of the United States have limited or overcrowded space for anglers to fish. In fact, it’s hard for anglers to get out and go fishing. However, anglers are going to find water. 

Located throughout the United States, retention ponds have become fishing oasis for anglers. Unlike detention ponds that only hold stormwater runoff following storms for a short period of time, retention ponds maintain a reservoir of water all year long and hold rain from runoff following rain storms indefinitely.  These retention ponds can be found everywhere from subdivisions, along roadways and everywhere in between.

The Ultimate Fishing Kayak

By Brad Wiegmann August 22, 2016

Until just a few years ago, anglers wanting to fish out of a kayak had to settle for a recreation kayak. However, it’s all changed now because of the influence by Eric Jackson over the kayak industry.

Green Grass and Big Bass Forever

By Brad Wiegmann July 06, 2016

In a place you can only dream of, where you are always free to move in your kayak. The challenge is not how long you stay, but how far can you go. It’s a place of green grass and low water forever.

Crappie Kayak Fishing

By Brad Wiegmann July 06, 2016

What is it that motivates you to go fishing? Is it the thrill of baiting up, casting, setting the hook or landing your personal best crappie? For a growing population of crappie anglers it’s not just about the fishing, but the thrill of fishing for crappie from a kayak.

Gaston's White River Resort

By Brad Wiegmann July 21, 2015

It's like no other place on earth. Gaston's White River Resort on the banks of the famous White River trout tailwaters has everything and more an angler would ever need. The view is breathtaking and accommodations spectacular.

Fish Can't Resist Crappie Kickers

By Brad Wiegmann March 30, 2015

Sometimes crappie lures can fool an angler. What looks good in a package doesn't always mean it will catch crappie. A great example of this is the Crappie Kicker with its straight tail doesn't look like it would have any action, however, once the lure is put in the water its tail has an irresistible, lifelike action. 

Anglers Need New Products and Lures

By Brad Wiegmann March 16, 2015

Lure companies are always coming out with new products. It is a never-ending flow, but really do most anglers need more lures and fishing related products? The answer is yes, however, it may not be for the reasons you think and why Arkie Jigs continue to produce more and new products every year. 

What Fishing Line Should You Be Fishing

By Brad Wiegmann December 08, 2014

It's a complicated problem for anglers. What type fishing line should you be fishing with on your reels? Advancements in fishing line construction and materials used to make fishing line have resulted in an overwhelming number of choices for anglers from monofilament, fluorocarbon or braid.

Casting for Crappie

By Brad Wiegmann December 03, 2014

When it comes to catching crappie there are several techniques you can use. Of course spider rigging is popular along with long lining. However, just casting for crappie would be the number one way with crappie anglers. 

How To Catch More and Bigger Stripers

By Brad Wiegmann October 27, 2014

Stripers are fast growing, voracious predators always searching for the next meal. Often schooling in packs, stripers can be caught with live bait and artificial lures. In forage rich reservoirs stripers flourish and large populations thrive while growing quickly to trophy size.

Secret Schooling Bass Lures

By Brad Wiegmann October 22, 2014

Bass are exploding around your boat frothing the surface chasing shad everywhere. It would be impossible not to catch one, but that is exactly what is happening. You can't get a sniff, nibble or strike on any of your favorite topwater lures. 

Scratching your head in disbelief, you do what any angler would do. You just keep changing your lures in hopes of one being the magical lure bass will bite. However, it's not likely to happen with the bigger lures you are trying to catch them on. 

The Perfect Bass Rod

By Brad Wiegmann September 12, 2014

Finding the right bass fishing rod can be challenging. An angler has to decide on blank action, power, rod components, reel seat , rod grip and price. It can be overwhelming, but how far would you go to find the perfect bass fishing rod?

Catch More Fish Drop Shotting

By Brad Wiegmann July 08, 2014

More and more fish are being caught by anglers drop shotting. The rise in popularity and success anglers are having catching fish is the direct result of advancements in electronics. Pioneering the way is DownScan, SideScan and Spotlight Scan allowing anglers to see cover and structure with picture-like images.

Advanced Football Jig Fishing

By Brad Wiegmann June 23, 2014

It's scary how successful some anglers are at fishing with a football jig. Not only do they catch stringers of quality bass, but big ones too. However, they just don't cast it out and hope a bass will strike it.

Ultimate Catfishing Adventure

By Brad Wiegmann June 23, 2014

Common sense and sound judgment was far from any of our minds as we slipped our kayaks and canoes gently into Wheeler Lake on the Tennessee River. It seemed our sensibility was clouded with visions of catching gigantic catfish while fishing from only a long narrow craft powered by only a paddle. No doubt, this trip was going to be the ultimate catfishing adventure.

Holes In My Waders

By Brad Wiegmann May 29, 2014

It started slowly on my last trout fishing trip. My little leak has turned into a raging water spout. I don't know why, but sooner or later every pair of waders I own leak and need to be fixed.

Waking Up Big Bass

By Brad Wiegmann May 14, 2014

It's not like bass wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning after the spawn, but they do. For bass postspawn is a time for some R&R after the ritual of reproduction has completed. The last thing they want is a lure waking across the surface above them.

How To Catch More Crappie

By Brad Wiegmann April 24, 2014

I want more. You want more. We all want more. More, more, more crappie.

Santone Lure's Th’ Rig Head for Fishing Soft Plastics and A-Rigs

By Brad Wiegmann April 21, 2014

Fishing is complicated. There are thousands of lures and hundreds of jig heads to rig them on. It's frustrating.

Selecting the best lure and jig head for the right technique can be overwhelming. In addition to figuring out the right weight of the jig head along with hook size and style.

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