Welcome to the Wilderness!

American Expedition Wilderness Club

Let’s face it... we all have someone in our lives whose heart is in the wilderness but the rest of their body is stuck making a living and paying the bills. They just can’t spend the amount of time they would like out in nature hunting and fishing, horseback riding, or watching birds. This is why we created the American Expedition brand of outdoor gifts and décor. We want these outdoor lovers to be able to commemorate and appreciate their favorite outdoor passions while they’re at work or when they are relaxing at home. But we need your help to make this happen.

You are the key to keeping your loved ones happy during the times they are not out fishing for trout, hunting deer and ducks or turkeys, riding horses, or watching birds in their backyard. You know how important these activities are to them and how giving them something that reminds them of it will make life more bearable until their next chance to get outdoors. This is why you should join the American Expedition Wilderness Club; but more importantly, why we need to have you as a member! Be happy and keep shopping!

Membership in our Wilderness Club is free and features several benefits:

  • A FREE "American Expedition Wilderness Club" refrigerator magnet
  • A 20% discount on American Expedition brand gift and decor items every time you shop!(Club members must log-in to their account prior to checking out in order to receive this discount)
  • New product updates and Members Only special offers!
  • Free Rustic Gift & Decor Catalogs
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