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Geocaching: Hiking with a Challenge

Will Stokes
Written by Will Stokes June 24, 2014

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Have you ever wanted to be an explorer? How about find buried treasure on a map where “X” marks the spot? You may have thought that these fun adventures only exist inside of your wildest dreams, when in reality your treasure may reside under your very nose. This is Geocaching.

Hiking has always been an event that I have enjoyed throughout my life whether it be at one of the many Missouri State Parks that surround my area or the Grand Canyon.


The experience of being out in nature, isolated from the rest of the modern world is something that cannot be replicated. The sense of adventure and not knowing what you’ll find around the next corner is what keeps me coming back again and again. When I first heard about Geocaching, I had no clue what it even was or what to expect and this peakedmy interests.

I did some research on the subject and found the definition of Geocaching to be the recreational activity of hunting for and finding hidden objects by means of GPS coordinates that can be retrieved from a website. So basically geocaching is real life treasure hunting! You can search many websites to find GPS coordinates, plug them into a GPS device or cell phone and go on the hunt. I have toyed with many different applications for my smart phone and several geocaching websites over the years, and here’s a list of my favorite geocaching resources:

• For iPhone: Looking 4 Cache and Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc.

• For Android: Geocaching by geocaching.com and C:Geo

• Online Sources for Caches: www.geocaching.comwww.opencaching.com

geocache gps

geocaching cache

You can find many other resources for geocaching by simply typing in geocaching into Google, all you need is a zip code and you’ll be directed to the closest caching locations near you! As a standard set of rules for aspiring geocachers you should always leave the cache better than how you found it, if you take an item replace it with something of your own, don’t hide new caches in dangerous places where others could get hurt and always practice proper trail etiquette. Geocaching is something that can enjoyed by yourself or with your family and can range from easy difficulties to very intricate and hard to find caches for the more experienced. Geocaching takes place all across the globe and can be practically anywhere you can imagine. Some geocaches are even located in urban environments like in the hearts of major cities, all you need to do is look!

I have been enjoying geocaching for several years and I plan on enjoying it for many more years to come. Being in the outdoors no matter what the reason is what I love and I will continue to explore and share the natural world with others.

About The Author

My Name is William Stokes and I am from the small town of Union, Missouri. My passion is everything outdoors and I love sharing my experiences with other travelers and wildlife enthusiasts. I love backpacking and enjoy the physical challenges that it brings me.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and I would love to answer any comments left behind! Keep on keepin on from Wild Man Will!

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